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Amazonia Dammed
United Kingdom, 2017, 14:01 minutes

Directed by: Ada Bodjolle

Amazonia Dammed tells the story of the Munduruku people's urgent struggle to protect the heart of the Amazon against one of the largest mega-dam projects on earth. Through the director's relationship with the community of Sawré Muybu, the film invites the audience to discover how these brave warriors of the modern day fight an impossible war of hope and joins its voice to the growing awareness of the need to preserve our planet's remaining rainforests.

About the director:
Ada Bodjolle is a filmmaker, photographer and motion designer (Check out her work on: She recently completed the prestigious Wildlife Filmmaking Master at University of the West of England in association with the BBC Natural History Unit. As part of her course, she directed a short documentary called Amazonia Dammed (featured in BBC Points West and BBC Radio). She has a passion for our natural world and storytelling and truly believes that art is a powerful tool for conservation. With this flm, she is hoping to bring awareness to the plight of the communities of the Tapajós River.

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