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Antarctic Waters
New Zealand, 2017, 07:10 minutes

Directed by: James Muir

This short film is a poetic Natural History documentary that looks at the animals and environments of the Ross Sea and Sub Antarctic Islands. All footage was shot during a voyage with Heritage Expeditions in February/March 2017. The waters of Antarctica are some of the most pristine wilderness on earth. All life here relies solely on the bounty of the Southern Ocean. Some bold moves are being made to give conservation protection to this important earth system. However as we give protection to large remote areas of ocean it makes us realise that our coastlines close to home also need protection in order to sustain life on earth.

About the director:
James Muir is an award winning documentary and short film Producer/Director, with background in painting and illustration, with a love for telling stories about the human/nature relationship. James was trained as a documentary filmmaker at Otago University, (Natural History Filmmaking) in Dunedin, NZ. Before that, he worked as a biologist in Venezuela, Tasmania and the remote islands off the coast of New Zealand, studying the evolutionary ecology of birds.



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