Eco Short Category

Thailand, 2016, 21:29 minutes

Directed by: Worapoj Inlao

Ghost is an oblique ecological criticism in the form of the personal documentary film. The storyline itself is about the journey of Thai guy who regularly travels to northern Thailand for touristic sake, every time he will be warned by the locals to not come over in the summer by claiming that local spiritual entity will not welcome any stranger and it is unsafe to be around. Thai anonymous guy becomes keen to prove this caution and that leads him to take returned journey. Surprisingly during the journey he finds himself lost in the unrecognised place.

About the director:
Worapoj Inlao graduated documentary film. He used to work for couple media companies in Thailand. During the last 2 years he found himself in Tallinn University, Baltic film and media school where he mostly concentrates on making documentary film in the art form.




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