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Nature Needs You
Australia, 2015, 09:11 minutes

Directed by: Mark Pearce

While industrial resource developments continue to put at risk our natural and cultural significance, people across Australia are standing their ground for nature. These everyday Australians take extraordinary steps toward working with their communities to minimize the impacts of climate change on these places by keeping oil, coal and gas in the ground.
“Our genuine characters in 'Nature Needs You' show us a living, breathing Australian spirit with valuable insight and actions of how to preserve the land. Our traditional culture and biological diversity are intrinsically connected, and we see this within our environment today.” (Director’s statement)

About the director:
Mark Pearce is a multi-award winning Australian filmmaker. He's written, directed and produced over 25 documentaries for the worldwide education market, 250+ television commercials, four narrative shorts and over a dozen social impact films. His environmental shorts have won international awards in Europe, the United States, and Australia, and some of these same films have gone viral amassing millions of views and securing thousands of signatures for submissions and petitions to protect the places and wildlife we love. Mark is also a sincere animal rights action campaigner, photographer and journalist.




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