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St Kilda: Facing the Change
United Kingdom, 2016, 16 minutes

Directed by: Simon Goodall

Visitors that brave the journey to the remote and precipitous archipelago of Scottish islands called St Kilda - the UNESCO dual World Heritage Site over 40 miles west of the Outer Hebrides - encounter the unforgettable spectacle of thousands of breeding seabirds, specialty species and the archaeological remnants of a resolute culture. However, St Kilda is facing changes that could take it beyond recognition.
“St Kilda: Facing the Change” is a wildlife conservation documentary unveiling the diverse, weird and wonderful seabirds that visit St Kilda every summer. Along with archive footage and expert analysis this film reveals the work of the archipelago's guardians, the National Trust for Scotland, as they try to fight against the biological changes sweeping across Britain's tallest cliff faces.

About the director:
Simon Goodall started his career in current affairs before his interest in natural history filmmaking led him to obtain a master’s degree in Wildlife Documentary Production. After gaining some experience working in TV, he was hired as the head of Wildlife Content Production for the National Trust for Scotland. Simon has produced dozens of wildlife and nature conservation short films for the NTS which are screened in visitor centres across the country. One of Simon’s most recently films explored the natural history and conservation threats facing Scotland’s only dual World Heritage site, St Kilda, a film made in partnership with UNESCO.



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