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The Trail of The Fleece Wool
(Original Title: Povestea Lânii)
Romania, 2013, 08:20 minutes

Directed by: Flavius Medan

Maramureș, the land of our ancestors. Here, surrounded by blessed mountains, people still guard their ancient secrets of our forefathers. For them, tradition is not the past, but the present. And maybe, just maybe … the Future. They transform the wool into clothes just like it was done centuries ago, using the same old, but brilliant water mills inherited from old times.
This is the journey of the fleece wool. From the moment they take it of the sheep, until it is turned into remarkable clothes.

About the director:
Flavius Medan has spent half of his life working as a cameraman in television. He was 18 when he first had a job at a TV station. He is based in Baia Mare, Maramures County and he enjoys capturing on film treasures from this area, such as the traditional households presented in “The Trail of The Fleece Wool”. But Flaviu’s interested is not limited to Maramureș only, as he travels for video projects around the globe, Australia, Italy, France, UK, India being just a few of his shooting locations. Flavius has made a goal to be as creative as possible in regard to every shooting in which he takes part, so that he can make the best out of it. His ambition is always to capture moments of lasting value. In 2017, Flavius is jury member of the first edition of SEFF – Short Eco Film Festival.



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