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We Live Underwater
Germany/Indonesia, 2015, 07:04 minutes

Directed by: Hendrik S. Schmitt

Coral reefs worldwide are in imminent danger because of global warming and rising water temperatures. Underwater explorers, divers and filmmakers of The Jetlagged are setting out to give threatened coral eco¬systems a new chance: They build an artificial reef on a Indonesian island paradise with heavily damaged corals. The submerged metal structure will be equipped with a special feature: Electricity. This special, so-called „Biorock“ technology has proven to give corals super powers - enhancing their growth and health with astonishing success. 6 months later, The Jetlagged come back to check out the progress on their reef…

About the director:
Hendrik and Claudia Schmitt (The Jetlagged) are action-loving filmmakers and passionate divers, always on the search for adventures from the polar circle to the equator. They enjoy diving as a lifestyle and support various environmental projects all over the world.

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